cuplaj limitator NEXEN TL 40A E   

Cuplaje limitatoare pneumatice

Air engaged torque limiters are designed to instantly disengage when a machine overload occurs. The trip-torque is easily set, remotely, with an air regulator. The single-position, ball and detent interface assures re-engagement in the same position providing exact timing of two machine components. A proximity sensor detects the overload condition and sends a signal to the air control valve to blocking the air supply to the torque limiter for a quick disconnect. Full torque and half-torque units provide a torque range of 50-12,000 in-lbs.



 cuplaj limitator NEXEN cu bile  

Cuplaje limitatoare cu bile și arcuri

Mechanical torque limiters are single or multi-position, ball/detent interface torque overload devices. They protect drive and driven components from damage associated with torque overloads. Backlash free torque transmission is accomplished with a series of balls nested in hardened detents in the units interface. Possible torque ranges from 40-24,000 in-lbs.

 cuplaj limitator NEXEN cu suprafata de frictiune  

Cuplaje limitatoare cu patinare

The Overload Protection System consists of a C-Faced mounted, air engaged, friction clutch and a control that electronically detects slip in the clutch when an overload occurs. The control compares the signals from two proximity sensors and determines if the clutch is slipping. Upon recognition of an overload, the system disengages the clutch allowing the drive to free wheel. The motor disconnects from the load allowing it to run cooler without current surges and blown fuses. The clutch is re-engaged at any speed.